You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’

The Righteous Brothers #1 hit debuted in the US in 1964 and became the most played song of the 20th century.  The song soulfully describes a difficult personal, sometimes found to infect business relationships.

gospel singers extending handsYou’ve always been “loved”

You were number #1 draft pick, number #1 in college, conference and combine, number #1 in high school prep too; in other words, always #1 and became accustomed to the glow of adulation.  Now, you’ve reached your childhood dreams and made it to the pro’s but you’re no longer number #1.  You have to prove yourself all over again, and you may not be #1 with your advisers yet either.

The attention is for many, a catalyst driving creativity and excellence.  When you signed your first deal / contract exhilaration was off the charts.  However, athletes and creative artists face predictable career challenges like age, injury, looks, talent and new emerging, younger stars,  inevitably tomorrow’s stars replace today’s.

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