McFideois an independent, expert – level asset, trust and fiduciary account monitoring, surveillance and security service for families of professional athletes, creative artists, entrepreneurs, executives, ultra HNW individuals and non-profit organizations such as charities, foundations and endowments, ERISA pension and private retirement benefit plans, life insurance and annuities.

Creative Artists, Life Insurance and Trust & Estate Planning

The sudden passing of actor James Gandolfini left heirs with a potential $30 Million estate tax bill plus an Inheritance Tax bill too because the State of New Jersey taxes inheritances.  Due to ill advised planning a substantial portion of the actor’s estate may wind up with the IRS, New York and New Jersey; NOT with heirs.

Professional Athletes, Tax planning, Account / Asset theft, Identity theft

FC Barcelona’s, Lionel Messi and PSG player Neymar, (see SI post here), the NFL’s Dwight Freeney are only a few recent examples of the world’s top professional athletes suffering financial, tax and other consequences in addition to something they really don’t need; off-field drama and stress.  Athletes pressed for time, place unquestioning or ill-informed trust in business and financial advisors and re-focus on maintaining their on-the-field dominance.  Similar pitfalls have befallen actors, producers, musicians, creative talent and executives time and again.

For the professional athlete, actor, musician or executive busy closing deals can lead to misunderstandings, break-ups, investigations, fines, costly fees, asset or account losses, diminished rights interest, collection and media glare plus the costs of recovering or mending promotional appeal.  Uniquely, young athletes have a brief window of time to earn massive salaries, fees and bonuses.  Age and injury often set in and the burst of speed edge vanishes; athletes often struggle to make anywhere near previous levels of compensation nor can afford to make it all over again.

At the end of life, when stars pass, your family, children and favorite causes can’t make it all over again either.

Multiple Independent Advisors

It may cost more, but it’s better to have multiple independent advisors who can watch each other (the main caveat here is to make sure there is NO common point linking them together, such as “professional networks” or “business referral groups” such as those including a financial advisor, bank, brokerage firm, hedge fund, estate planner, tax lawyer, business manager, agent, CPA, life insurance agent, investor referral network).


These exposures, issues and concerns are easy and routine to address by an independent professional. They’re also inexpensive to address before a loss or theft, after it happens is an entirely different scope of work. Much better to keep the barn doors and windows always locked securely now!

McFideo™ provides account, asset, audit, assurance, anytime, anywhere, any currency.  There is no other investment account security fiduciary compliance solution quite like it.

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