Families, Spouses and Parents of Professional Athletes & Creative Artists

As some families have come to learn from these examples, the career of the pro athlete or creative artist lasts a very short time (average of about 6 years for the major pro sports leagues). At the start there’s immense attention, lots of excitement, fast money, fast friends who sometimes morph into or refer “trusted advisers,” cars, jewelry, horses, hot investment tips, fleeting lovers and career – ending injuries.  Every professional athlete seems to get injured. 

The legal, financial, business and increasingly the social media side of sports and entertainment can overwhelm even the most prepared professional athletes and creative artists.  For creative artists, the odds of sustained commercial success are exceedingly steep.

How do you help your athlete or  creative (actor, musician, painter, sculptor, author, social media star) artist child make those earnings last a lifetime?  Or extend them to sustain family and children and support charitable, philanthropic cause-related endeavors?

It begins with protection

We provide A8 level audit assurance and deliver parents, families, spouses and children, athletes and artists peace of mind of:

Any account, any asset, any adviser, any currency, anytime, anywhere

Trust, but verify with McFideo™

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Families, Parents, Spouses, Children of:

Professional Athletes, Creative Artists, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Ultra High Net Worth

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