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Automatic Temporary Restraining Order (ATRO) compliance

ATRO’s (Voluntary Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders) require divorcing spouses in California to limit certain financial transactions prior to a court-approved marital settlement agreement.  McFideo™ is a new California divorce account, investment, credit card, banking, IRA and pension plan monitoring service.

Distrust and discord between divorcing or separating couples (and their legal counsel and or forensic CPA’s) is becoming more common and essential communication between parties suffers.  McFideo™ is an independent service that can help divorcing couples and or children of divorce with it’s innovative, independent, expert, neutral, third party method.

McFideo™ monitors an extensive list of accounts and property

Community (and or separate property) accounts and assets monitored include bank, safe deposit box, vaults, in – home safes, credit card, investments, IRA, trust, custodian, pension plan, 401k, copyrights, trademarks, patents, precious metals, vintage cars; collections of rare stamps, coins, guns, baseball cards, wines, art; jewelry, private equity, real (investment, vacation home) property; foreign off-shore accounts, trusts, separate legal entities and reward accounts.  Other accounts which McFideo™ can monitor include minor’s Coogan (child actors), UGMA Uniform Gift to Minors, Section 529, guardian, conservator, special needs trust and closely-held or family business accounts and assets.

Sched of Assets Debts

Sched of Assets Debts

Margulis compliance

In re Marriage of Margulis (2011) 198 Cal.App.4th 277 held that the managing spouse has burden of proof to explain missing assets.  Pursuant to In Re Marriage Of Margulis, Garrett C. Daily, CFLS, AAML stated:

“This case eliminates confusion caused by the Family Code §721’s statement that fiduciary duty does not “impose a duty for either spouse to keep detailed books and records of community property transactions.”

The managing (or control) spouse owes a fiduciary duty over community assets post – separation to the community.

McFideo™ monitors community asset accounts from divorce filing date, providing assurance spouse’s fiduciary duty to the community is fulfilled.

Specialized CA Divorce Analysis, Forensic Audits and Asset Tracing

McFideo™ and independent consultant, Ken Walheim, CPA inactive, has over 65 years of investment, economic, business valuation, compensation and forensic audit and accounting experience and provide comprehensive asset and account tracing, auditing, valuation services.  Including:  Marital Standard of Living, Marriage of “Duffy” Analysis, “Moore – Marsden”, “Perreira / Van Kamp”, “Margulis” Analysis, Forensic Audits, Tracing and Breach of Marital Fiduciary Duty.  Occasionally a third party financial institution and or financial, legal or tax adviser may have breached a fiduciary duty to the community as well.

McFideo™ may assist special masters, receivers, fiduciaries, conservators, guardians and or Section 730 referees.

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